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Altero Custom Guitarsがサウンドプロデュース、監修を行い、KarDiaNのメインデザイナー"Toshikazu Kitada氏"が設計、デザインを担当した、滋賀の両傑によるペダルブランドが誕生しました。




Altero Custom Guitarsが今回デザインコンセプトに選んだのは”Walnut”クルミの木です。

このイメージをペダルで表現する為に、KarDiaNのメインデザイナー"Toshikazu Kitada"と共にサウンドチューニングを行いました。







< AIR >


- H (High)


- M (Mid)


- L (Low)



接続端子:1/4インチ標準フォーン・ジャック×2 (入力、出力)
電源方式:9VセンターマイナスDC電源 (電池可9V形006P型)
寸法:幅 (W) 70 mm、奥行き (D) 120 mm、高さ (H) 57 mm (フットスイッチやジャック等の突起物含む)


Altero Custom Guitars has produced and supervised the sound, and KarDiaN's main designer, Toshikazu Kitada, has been in charge of the design.

The reason why we started this new brand is because we believe that as a guitar manufacturer, we want to create the best tone without sacrificing the original sound of the instrument. Even if we make a guitar that we are satisfied with, we don't want the pedals and amps that come after it to fall short of the sound we are aiming for. We started our pedal brand with this kind of professional spirit.

The pedals we make are designed to support the "natural sound of the guitar" as our focus. Therefore, we started from the point of leaving as much low as possible, which is useful for the acoustic characteristics of the guitar, and making the most of the sparkle of the strings, which is important for the sound. However, leaving too much of the lows and highs in a pedal can be inconvenient, especially when using an amplification circuit, and the sound itself can become muddy. Therefore, instead of using the circuitry alone to do the filtering, we used the filtering effect calculated from the cross-sectional area and dielectric constant of the wiring material, and designed it to produce a straight tone from the board. The appearance of the wood as a tree printed on the pedal surface expresses the respect for the old sound and the attitude to challenge the new sound through the pedal.


Altero Custom Guitars chose "Walnut" as the design concept for this pedal.

In terms of sound, Walnut is warm and clear, and can give instruments a wide range of overtones from low to high, as well as having excellent workability as a wood.
To express this image in a pedal, we worked with KarDiaN's main designer, Toshikazu Kitada, to tune the sound.
The pedal has a warm drive sound reminiscent of a tube amp and a variety of sound variations that can be changed by the Air switch.
The Wal is an effect pedal that combines the simple operability of a compact pedal with the "fun" of sound creation.

That's what "Wal" is all about.

The "Wal" was created with a thorough focus on the flavor of low gain.
It is characterized by a sizzling, distorted drive sound that is added from the high frequencies to match the picking nuances of the guitar.

From the loose distortion that tangles with the bass strings at low gain, to the slightly hysterical high frequency distortion at high gain, you will experience a sound with a unique warmth.

The Air switch, which is one of the most distinctive features of this unit, allows you to further make up the sound with a sense of saturation in the high frequency range, and you can experience the adjustment of the presence range, which is often used in pedals with an amp motif, in the "Wal" overdrive.

The design features a machined aluminum chassis anodized in a bright sapphire blue color, with a luxurious pearlized surface. The laser engraving not only gives the pedal a luxurious feel, but also ensures that it will not wear out when used on stage. The pedal's origin, the Walnut tree, is also engraved into the design.


< AIR > control

Allows you to adjust the saturation of the high frequency range.

- H (High)

A sound characterized by a clear, well-defined top end.

- M (Mid)

This is the midrange saturation of this unit.

- L (Low)

Overdrive sound with mild high frequency range while maintaining a clear sound.


Input impedance: 1MΩ
Output impedance: 10kΩ
Switching method: True bypass
Connections: 2 x 1/4" standard phone jacks (input, output)
Power supply method: 9V center minus DC power supply (9V 006P type battery acceptable)
Current consumption: 9mA
Dimensions: Width (W) 70 mm, Depth (D) 120 mm, Height (H) 57 mm (including protruding parts such as footswitch and jack)
Weight: 320g
JAN code: 4589825520925
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