KAEDE -楓-《Kida Motifo Signature Design》【Discontinued Products】

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Altero Custom Guitars produced and supervised the sound, and KarDiaN's main designer "Toshikazu Kitada" designed and designed the pedal brand by Shiga.

The reason why we launched a new brand was based on the belief that "as a guitar maker, we want to create the best tone without cutting the original sound of the instrument." Even if you make a guitar that you are comfortable with, the pedals and amps that follow it must not be lacking in the sound we are aiming for. I started a pedal brand from Pro Spirits.

The pedals we make are designed to support the "utilizing the original sound of the guitar". Therefore, the design started from the point of keeping the low as much as possible, which is useful for the acoustic characteristics of the guitar, and making the best use of the glitter of the strings, which is important for the sound. However, leaving too much low or high on the pedal is inconvenient, especially when using an amplifier circuit, and the sound itself may become muddy. Therefore, instead of taking charge of filtering only by the circuit, we designed it to make the tone straight from the board by using the filter effect calculated from the cross-sectional area and dielectric constant of the wiring material. The appearance of the wood as a tree printed on the surface of the pedal expresses respect for the old sound and the attitude of challenging new sounds through the pedal.


For the production of "KAEDE", Kida Motifo of the math rock band "tricot" who is active in the world was added to the sound team, and the development started for the purpose of producing her live & recording equipment. We have been working on the original guitars she uses for a long time and share her commitment to sound. One of the characteristics of her guitar is that it has pickups only in the center and front. From her request, she ordered "do not use the rear sound". If so, we boldly chose to remove the rear pickup from the guitar itself. Altero Custom Guitars, which produces guitars that fulfill her commitment, has now decided to work on the pedals of her commitment.

The sound that Kida Motifo sought is a drive sound that is based on the energetic tone of the guitar, but with a strong saturation, so-called saturation drive booster. Equipped with a wide range of equalizing with 2EQ, it enriches the expression in sound makeup. In addition, the toggle switch that controls the characteristic headroom in three stages can be adjusted arbitrarily from a booster sound with a high peak level with a feeling of openness to a drive sound with an optimum feeling of compression.

The design is a maple-colored alumite machined aluminum housing, and the surface is finished with a luxurious satin finish. Laser engraving is not only luxurious, but also has the property of not wearing out when used on stage. In addition, the word "instep", which can be said to be the symbol of Kida Motifo, the signature guitarist of this pedal, is also engraved on the pedal at the feet.


You can adjust the peak level of the drive sound. The volume will change accordingly, so adjust the volume to your liking.

--H (High)
A booster sound with a high headroom and a feeling of openness. The volume is also the highest.

--N (Normal)
This is the standard headroom balance for this unit.

--L (Low)
You can enjoy the drive sound with the most compression feeling. The volume will also decrease by the amount driven, so adjust it as you like.

Input impedance: 1MΩ
Output impedance: 10kΩ
Switching method: True bypass
Connection terminal: 1/4 inch standard phone jack x 2 (input, output)
Power supply method: 9V center minus DC power supply (battery-enabled 9V type 006P type)
Current consumption: 8mA
Dimensions: Width (W) 70 mm, Depth (D) 120 mm, Height (H) 57 mm (including protrusions such as foot switches and jacks)
Weight: 346g
JAN code: 4598825521014
Accessories: Certificate and warranty

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¥38,500 tax included